Michael Rinaldi 2017 Video Tutorials

Michael Rinaldi seminar

Michael Rinaldi visited Toronto in May of 2017 and gave us three days of seminars at Hornet Hobbies and at the Torcan show, where he primarily taught and stressed that:

  • Modelling is a story telling medium and we will be more successful if we plan out the story we intend to tell.
  • Every detail we add to our model should reflect in-scale realism. For example, the chips and scratches will be tiny and primarily located where the crew is most active and areas where the vehicle is likely to hit something.
  • The most successful weathering is created with multiple layers of colours and effects. Especially if you combine multiple effects. For example, a fuel stain covered by dust, then another fuel stain, more dust, fuel stain, dust, etc. This show prolonged use, multiple times the vehicle had to be refueled and develops the story.
  • When weathering Mike works light to dark with colours and low to high on raised details.
  • The best results depend on precision and control, which is achieved by using less product on smaller areas. This means slowing down, but hey, this is hobby time and the results are worth it. For example, moving away from using capillary action to slowly applying an oil pin wash.
  • Instead of applying one effect at a time to the entire model, Mike suggests working on one area or panel to completion (all washes, filters, pigments, stains and dust). This provides some advantages: working panel line to panel line helps avoid flooding and tide marks, you can catch mistakes early, see if you like the final effect or you if you need to tweak it, it becomes easier to apply the effects with repetition, the satisfaction of seeing the result and finishing something really helps with motivation.
  • Mike is moving towards using only oil paint rendering to do all the weathering (except for pigments, which are needed for mud, snow and caked on layers of dust).

On the fourth day Mike sat down with Dave Browne and John Maher in front of (Barbakan) Robert's camera and recorded several excellent video tutorials that can be seen here and on Robert's his YouTube Channel.

Michael Rinaldi explains the hairspray technique.

Michael Rinaldi demonstrates the Oil Paint Rendering technique.

John Maher and Dave Browne discuss modelling, and later John Maher and Michael Rinaldi explore techniques and critique two Pershing tank models. Here's a closer look at John's Tiger 1 seen in the video.


Stug III Ausf.B by Michael Rinaldi

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