Box to the Battlefield - Tamiya Panther G Tutorial

The Fall/Winter 2016 Box to the Battlefield at Hornet Hobbies covered the painting and weathering of the Tamiya Panther G Late Version.

With the help of Robert of Barbakan and IPMS Toronto, and his YouTube Channel, Dave is able to share the highlights of the seminar. Check back here for videos of Dave talking about the preparation and demonstrating painting and weathering the Panther.

Video 1 - Introduction and preparation


Video 2 - Priming and pre-shading


Video 3 - Base coat and modulation


Video 4 - Building up camouflage, oil paint washes and photo etch


Video 5 - Weathering using sponging and fine scratches using toothpicks


Video 6 - Decals


Video 7 - Tracks


Video 8 - Detailing the exhaust and tools, wood effects, hairspray chipping, and oil paint washes


Bonus Video - Barbakan Products and creating bases and groundwork


Video 9 - Finishing bases and groundwork


Video 10 - Weathering spare track links

Enjoy your hobby time!
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