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Over the next month or two we should see these exciting models hit the shelves at Hornet Hobbies. Start planning your next project, or make room to build your collection.

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June 2016

M10 Tank Destroyer Mid Production (1/35)
Item No: 35350

10% off on pre-orders of this excellent new release from Tamiya!

This is a model of the famed M10 Tank Destroyer, a subject also covered in the 1/48 scale Military Miniature series. This largely newly-tooled model (only machine gun and clear parts are taken over from existing models) gives it the glorious detail of the larger 1/35 scale. The astonishing success of German armor tactics in 1940 prompted U.S. forces to adopt a doctrine requiring dedicated new tank destroyers to counter them. After going down a few different design routes at the start of the process, they eventually hit upon the highly successful M10 design with well-sloped (if rather thin, to keep the vehicle light and maneuverable) armor plate, and the highly capable 3-inch (76.2mm) gun. Over 4,900 were produced, and took part in Operation Torch (the invasion of N. Africa), as well as fighting in Italy and the advance upon Germany that would bring the exhausting conflict to a close.


  • 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 196mm, width: 88mm.
  • Intensive study and measurement of the M10 in the tank museum at Saumur led to this highly detailed depiction of its form complete with sloped armor, right down to auxiliary armor bosses.
  • The open top on the distinctive turret allows viewing of the 3-inch gun breech and realistic interior.
  • Compare and contrast depictions of surface textures such as the cast mantlet and differential cover versus the welded armor plate of the turret sides and upper hull.
  • Belt-type parts recreate T51 tracks.
  • Driver's hatch can be attached in open or closed position, and features periscope depiction.
  • Comes with 3 figures (commander, loader, gunner) in realistic pose, plus 2 marking options for recreating M10s belonging to the 601st and 634th U.S. Tank Destroyer Battalions.
  • Decals included.



July 2015

Tamiya Panther Aufs.D (1/35)
Item No: 35345

Arriving in July, this all-new 1/35 scale model recreates with stunning detail the Panther Ausf.D, the first production version of the famed German tank, which appeared in the Battle of Kursk. Tamiya designers traveled to Breda in the Netherlands to pore over the final remaining Panther Ausf.D, and the result is this breathtakingly accurate depiction of the tank, complete with recreations of the 7.5cm gun and sloped armor. Comes with a commander torso figure, plus a full-body crewman figure, as well as 3 marking options depicting Battle of Kursk Panthers.


  • Scale: 1/35
  • Construction type: Assembly kit
  • Decals: Included
  • Special feature 1: Newly-tooled kit captures the form of the Panther Ausf.D with sloped armor, and long 7.5cm gun.
  • Special feature 2: Ausf.D-specific features include: smoke dischargers and rear panel layout.
  • Special feature 3: Belt type tracks.
  • Special feature 4: 1-piece molded gun barrel features separate muzzle brake parts.
  • Special feature 5: All hatches on the model (excluding small arms port), plus gun travel lock are moving parts.
  • Special feature 6: Radiator and fan are reproduced using separate parts, for a highly detailed finish.
  • Special feature 7: Turret rear has opening escape hatch.
  • Special feature 8: Built-in poly caps ensure that the wheel assembly is a straightforward process, and that wheels move after the model is finished.
  • Special feature 9: Commander torso figure plus full body crew figure included.
  • Special feature 10: 3 marking options include Battle of Kursk unit.


June 2015

Tamiya Mosquito FB Mk. VI (1/32)
Item No: 900-60326

Arriving in July, Tamiya has expanded its line of 1/32 scale, hyper detailed plastic model assembly kits with the Mosquito FB Mk. VI.
This is a 1/32 scale plastic model assembly kit. At 515mm in wingspan, this masterpiece captures the elegant twin-engine form of the FB Mk.VI with astounding detail. This newly-tooled model was researched using real Mosquitoes. The cockpit interior is realistically depicted, right down to details, such as the pilot's seat cushion.

  • The modeller is presented with a number of options when assembling this kit.
  • Separate parts recreate bomb bay and wing underside 500lb bombs, plus 50-gallon drop tanks.
  • 3 figures are included.
  • It comes with 3 marking options, plus masking stickers.
  • A 12-page B5 size commemorative booklet includes color photographs and a detailed history of the Mosquito.



HK Models De Havilland Mosquito Mk. IV (1/32)
Item No: HK-01E15

July brings an embarrassment of Mossie riches. There will be two 1/32 scale Mosquitoes to collect and build. The HK Models kit promises a number of exciting features:
Brand new state of the art tooling.
Wingspan 515mm, length 389mm.
Stunning single piece wing.
Optional bulged bomb bay & 'Cookie' bomb.
Decals for three aircraft by Cartograf:
* DK296 Soviet aircraft (standard bomb bay)
* DZ637 as P3-C (bulged bomb bay)
* DZ637 as AZ-X (bulged bomb bay)

The HK Models kit offers very impressive options and extras:

  • 2 Canopy options
  • Positional flaps
  • Positional ailerons
  • Positional rudders
  • Positional elevators
  • Open or closed bomb bay
  • 2 Weapon options in bomb bay
  • Optional open or closed crew hatch
  • Option to build with or without exhaust covers
  • Option to build with or without engine cowlings
  • 2 Prop options
  • Options for navigation or formation light wing tips
  • Landing Gear covers can be built opened or closed
  • Option to build with or without external fuel tanks




December, 2014

Dragon 1:35 Tiger I Early Production (Michael Wittmann), Eastern Front 1944
Dragon Item No: DRA 6730

Dragon Smart Kit - January 2015 release. Full set of Michael Wittmann's crew (5 figures) included in the first production run as BONUS!

Please pre-order to assure that you get a copy upon its initial release. We had some sell outs recently on popular models. This one will disappear fast.

Dragon has created a magnificent representation of Wittmann’s Tiger I (turret number 'S04') with 88 kill marks on barrel. Dragon’s kit appropriately portrays an Early-Production variant, and it forms the important and much-anticipated last piece of Dragon’s exemplary Tiger I family.

This brand new kit stems from thorough research and is accurately designed to represent Wittmann's 'S04' mount. To ensure the absolute highest levels of quality, the majority of components in this special release, like turret, upper hull, engine deck, rear panel, road wheels, spare tracks and etc, are newly tooled and engineered to achieve the engineering level of a Smart Kit, and to provide the unique appearance of this famous Tiger.


Meng 1:35 French Main Battle Tank AMX-30B2
Meng Item No: TS-013

Tamiya 1:35 German Jagdpanzer IV/70(V) Lang
Tamiya Item No: 35340

Tamiya Metal Gun Barrel Set for 1:35 German Jagdpanzer IV/70(V) Lang
Tamiya Item No: 12660

Tamiya 1:24 Subaru BRZ Street-Custom
Tamiya Item No: 24336

Tamiya Warbird Collection No.86 - 1:72 Lockheed Martin® F-16®CJ [BLOCK50] Fighting Falcon
Tamiya Item No: 60786

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