AK Interactive's New Paints

Thank you for celebrating our 15th Anniversary with us recently. We now invite you to explore AK Interactive's new lines of paints that have arrived at Hornet Hobbies.

AK has renewed, rebranded and created a "new generation" of acrylic paints for their impressive line of products. There is a focus on historical accuracy and helping modellers build their paint collection by packaging small "all in one" paint kits for specific subjects like vehicle paint and camouflage schemes or national uniforms. Among the new paint formulations is their Real Colors line of acrylic lacquers that attempts to take historical accuracy to a new level thanks to an extensive research campaign.

AK is also appealing to specific types of modellers by creating new paint formulations for almost every aspect of the hobby. Paints with more pigment, formulated for handbrushing by figure painters and wargamers. Ready to spray matte paints for armour enthusiasts or satin finish paints for naval modellers, AK wants to serve your particular needs. Check out or dedicated page with details these new lines of paint.

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