Airbrushing takes your modelling to a new level, eliminating those pesky brush marks left by hand painting. Airbrushing allows you to apply smooth, controlled layers of paint, creating a professional finish on all your models. Hornet Hobbies has the expertise to give you the right tools and show you how to use them. Dave Browne's airbrush of choice is the Iwata brand, specifically the Revolution. The Revolution has a great price point and is user-friendly to both beginner and advanced modeller. Before you buy, ask us to take you to the clinic room where you can test drive an Iwata airbrush. Sign up for one of our Sunday morning airbrushing clinics to help you develop both your confidence and comfort level with this marvelous tool.

Take a look above at the sample turret that Mike Rinaldi used during his 2014 Weathering Seminar. It started out painted completely in German panzer grey. Using an airbrush, Mike sprayed down a smooth and complete coat of desert yellow in a little over a minute. He is a pro, it will take a novice a few minutes longer. The weathering you see here is the result of Mike's hairspray chipping and oil paint rendering techniques. To make a technique like hairspray chipping effective you need an airbrush to lay down a coat of paint over the hairspray.

We have everything you need, including compressors. And if you live in a small apartment and don't have a ventilated work room you can use a spray booth that will suck out all the paint fumes while you spray. Make airbrushing part of your skill set with Hornet Hobbies.



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