Your Models Displayed at Hornet Hobbies 1

Hornet Hobbies is putting up a series of galleries to share the work of our friends on display in the store. These galleries feature models finished and weathered by Hornet Hobbies' customers and friends. We hope that you draw some inspiration and motivation from these works of art, and above all enjoy them. Please come by in person if you want a closer look. We are fortunate to have works on display from prominent modellers like Mike Rinaldi.

We will be posting new galleries every couple of weeks and we know you will see that our local modellers hold their own with the industry giants. We strongly believe that the talent pool is growing in Southern Ontario because our modelling community keeps learning and sharing their skills with each other.

A great big thank you goes to Joe Behar for taking these fantastic photographs.

Sunday, 18 September 2016
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