• Reference materials will help you hone your craft and ensure your work is historically accurate. Hornet Hobbies has a vast selection of books and magazines that will augment each of your projects, or just feed your curiosity and expand your knowledge. Ensure you get the monthly magazine of your choice by adding your name to our list of subscribers.

    Magazines are a great source of inspiration and education. Keep current with the latest copies or pick up some of those hard to find back issues. Or find the historical reference or walk-around book that will tell you exactly what the colour and markings were of that tank or plane that you are planning to build. There is also a large selection of train publications that will have you laying out tracks in the finest scenery.

    From time to time we are lucky to find and offer you vintage, collectible or hard to find publications. Locked away inside are the knowledge, tradition and history of our hobby that often gives us insight into the methods and trends of today. We always get excited when we find one of these treasures.

    If there is a title you're after, and we don't have it in the shop, we will try to get it in for you. Just contact us, and we'll be pleased to help you find what you're after.



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