• Barbakan Products

    Barbakan is a company run by IPMS Toronto and AMPS Fort York member Robert Włodarek. The products are high quality 1/35 ground work such as brick walls, bases, individual scale bricks and other diorama accessories.

    The bases range from large 220mm x 140mm streets ready for your AFV or WWII vignette, to smaller square cobblestone road fragments perfect for a figure. All the products are ready for paint so you can craft your individual vision.

    Drop by Hornet Hobbies and check out these fine Barbakan products.

  • Books - New For This Month

    June 2017
    Air Connection Publications - T-34 Mythical Weapon

    September 2016
    Sabot Publications - M60A2 Main Battle Tank, Vol.1 and Vol.2 In Detail
    MPA - Canadian EROC Buffalo, Cougar and RG-31

    Pre-Order Mike Rinaldi's SM.02 S-65 City Tractor and Tank Art 1 3rd Ed.

    AFV Modeller - M4: Modelling the Sherman Tank
    AFV Modeller - Made in Holland

    Canadian Vehicles in Korea by Don Dingwall

    Ammo of Mig Jimenez Publications - Sci-Fi and Fantasy

    Ammo of Mig Jimenez Publications



    Air Connection Publications - T-34 Mythical Weapon

    Air Connection Publications - T-34 Mythical Weapon

    A new edition of "T-34 Mythical Weapon" by Robert Michulec and Miroslaw Zientarzewski is now available. "The mother of all T34 books!," according to JJ Fedorowicz — This book, which was published several years ago, has long been considered the 'definitive' book on the T-34. However, previous editions of the book contained no English translations of the mass of data and images, rendering it difficult to use. — Now, we have this NEW edition (ENTIRELY in English) which offers the following:

    • Hard cover
    • Large format
    • 520 pages
    • 880 black/white photographs
    • 58 pages of 1/35 scale drawings of all versions of the T-34
    • 36 color interior photos
    • Color 3d drawings
    • Detail photos of all components of the tank
    • 20 pages in color



    Sabot Publications - M60A2 Main Battle Tank, Vol.1 and Vol.2 In Detail

    Sabot Publications - M60A2 Main Battle Tank, Vol.1

    Sabot Publications has takes a close look at the US M60A2 main battle tank in a 132 page black and white book. The walk-around book includes lots of "in action" photographs, many of which were taken during maneuvers in German between 1978 and 1980. These photos show good detail of the markings and stowage and give a sense of how the tank looked while deployed. There are also several small sections of "in detail" photographs that focus on the main gun, the interior and a series showing a turret being pulled off the tank.

    Sabot Publications - M60A2 Main Battle Tank, Vol.2

    The M60A2 in Detail volume 2 is the second part in a two-part series on the short-lived but highly interesting U.S. Army missile-firing main battle tank. This book contains hundreds of full color photographs in 60 pages of the vehicle in the field in Germany between 1978-1980, and another 60 pages of walk around detail shots. These two volumes area must-have for the Dragon, Academy and the AFV Club 1/35 scale model kits of this tank.



    MPA - Canadian EROC Buffalo, Cougar and RG-31

    MPA - Canadian EROC Buffalo, Cougar and RG-31

    Modeler Photo Assistant Publications takes 64 colour pages to examine the Canadian Forces EROC Buffalo, Cougar and RG-31 Engineering Vehicles.



    Pre-Order Mike Rinaldi's SM.02 S-65 City Tractor and Tank Art 1 3rd Ed.

    Mike Rinaldi's books

    Hornet Hobbies will only be carrying these two books through pre-order, so please call 416-755-4878 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make sure that you will get your copy.

    Mike Rinaldi's wildly popular TANKART 1 German Armor is being reprinted in its 3rd edition. If you missed this excellent, clear and informative book, pre-order it now.

    Mike's new 'Single Model' series of books focuses in depth on his work on one model. It is important to note that the SM Series books are Limited Editions with single print runs only, Mike will not be reprinting any SM series books.

    The second book in the series is SM.02 S-65 City Tractor. Mike builds, paints and weathers the excellent and readily available 1/35 Trumpeter S-65 Stalinetz (05538) tractor kit. There are two versions of this kit covered inside the new book. Do not miss this chance to learn from this master modeller. Mike's books stand out because of his ability to show and explain all the steps of his process in clear detail.

    Mike Rinaldi's books

    Mike Rinaldi's books

    Mike Rinaldi's books

    Mike Rinaldi's books



    AFV Modeller - M4: Modelling the Sherman Tank

    AFV Modeller - M4: Modelling the Sherman Tank

    AFV Modeller Publications bring us a book on modelling the Sherman tank. This is a portfolio of thirteen diverse modelling projects all based on the U.S. M4 tank. Well respected award winning modellers from around the World explain in detail the methods and materials used to achieve their stunning Shermans. The high quality presentation of the models is further enhanced by archive photographs and an up to date kit and accessory guide.



    AFV Modeller - Made in Holland

    AFV Modeller - Made in Holland

    AFV Modeller Publications showcases some of the very best Dutch military vehicle, figure and diorama modellers with high quality photography and presentation. Each of the authors covers their personal thoughts on the hobby and guides us through the featured projects offering an insight to the techniques they use and historical inspiration.



    Canadian Vehicles in Korea by Don Dingwall

    Canadian Vehicles in Korea, Don Dingwall. 210 pages, over 300 illustrations, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, hard cover, from Service Publications.

    For the first time a book dedicated to the soft-skin ad armoured vehicles used by the Canadian Army in this seldom studied conflict. Supported by a comprehensive text that provides an overview of the acquisition, use and disposal of Canadian, US and British vehicles used in training at Fort Lewis and in combat (and combat support) in Korea. Based on official photos, supplemented by photographs from private collections, the vehicles are arranged in a logical and chronological sequence.

    As an added bonus, the author has provided War Establishment graphics for every unit, Arm of Service numbers, graphics for each unit showing vehicle names and more.

    This book will become the definitive work on the topic and will be of interest to vehicle historians hobbyists.



    Ammo of Mig Jimenez Publications - Sci-Fi and Fantasy

    Mig Jimenez has a treat for big mecha builders and fantasy modelers.


    In Combat – Painting Mechas
    Since quite a few decades, robots and other big Sci-Fi war machines have been one of the most popular subjects throughout Asia and the rest of the world. The Japanese company Bandai popularized this fascinating world with their GUNDAMS which is followed today by many modelers. For those MECHA lovers out there, this book provides different, highly realistic painting and weathering techniques in detailed step-by-step articles full of useful tricks and tips. An indispensable book to learn how to give realistic finishes to your models. A 92-page book in full color with lots of pictures and an amazing style.

    Written by:
    Mig Jimenez, Oishi Modeler, Luca Zampriolo, Chulho Yoo and Daniel Morcillo.


    The Rise Of Fantasy
    A unique and amazing book written by the renown fantasy modeler Juan J. Barrena (JJ). 112 pages of frenetic step-by-step, full of countless painting and construction techniques, showing amazing examples of highlighting and shadow techniques, life-like wooden, water and metals textures, painting sea beasts, mythological characters and many more. A wide collection of examples and subjects in just one highly-quality printed book. Includes color guides, mixes and materials with a detailed description of the processes, from the simplest to the most complex techniques. A fascinating one-of-a kind book which can be of interest to any modeler, not just fantasy painters.

    Book contents:

    • Materials
    • Composition
    • Painting of a figure
    • Bases with Milliput sheet.
    • Vines
    • Rust and Water
    • The Sea Lion
    • Underwater Attack
    • Brotherhood of the Wolf
    • The Usurper
    • Invocation
    • The Kitchen
    • The puppeteer



    Ammo of Mig Jimenez Publications

    Mig Jimenez is publishing a line of books and magazines that will help you explore and improve on various weathering techniques or bring little known paint schemes to your project without sacrificing accuracy.

    The Weathering Magazine
    The only magazine in the world devoted exclusively to the weathering effects and paint in general for all kinds of modeling. This issue is dedicated to water and moisture. The best modellers in the world will offer a repertoire of exceptional examples and they explain with detailed step by step process, all the newest tricks and techniques to get your models represent similar conditions. From ships at offshore to tanks out of the water or crossing rivers, seaplanes, standing water, streams and much more. TWM is a collectible magazine, 64 pages, printed on high quality glossy paper and full of useful items for any field of model. Available in 7 different languages, this is the most international magazine in the world.

    The most life like natural landscapes in scale of the most known combat environments. Trees, rocks, water, beaches, snow, and ice are depicted as never before in 112 pages and more than 400 high quality pictures. The culmination of exhaustive research of the products available on the market in order to achieve the maximum realism in the shortest time.

    This book explains in depth in an educational and visually easy to follow format, how to apply various light effects on your models, including the famous modulation technique. Through its 106 pages, hundreds of photos and numerous diagrams show how to obtain more from your models and give them more life and personality. To do this the authors Javier Soler and Mig Jimenez explain 4 different ways of painting lighting effects on our models: color modulation, zenithal light, spot light, and illumination by panels.

    In this book you will find all the inspiration you need to make original Soviet vehicles with a wide and never seen variety of colors, effects, and camouflage. Through 80 pages this book discovers that the Soviets vehicles of the Second World War were not only painted green. Here you have more than 180 profiles which are strictly based on historical photos, many of them never seen before, in which the colors have been studied in depth. The book includes in depth information for each of the vehicles shown as well as a technical introduction to the Soviet paint, its chemistry, and its application, obtained from sources from former USSR countries. This is the definitive guide to the colors in the Soviet period from 1935 to 1945.

  • Dioramas and Scenery

    Your perfect model deserves a setting worthy of the many hours and hard work that you have already invested. Create a story or the right landscape to showcase your train or work of art. Bring your vision to reality, whether it is a diorama that brings presence and realism to your armoured vehicle, or a school project involving a small build. Your plans may require building materials, specialized scale vegetation, and buildings to create a realistic backdrop, and Hornet Hobbies has everything you need to finish your project.

    Hornet Hobbies has the scenic products like miniature trees, ground cover, modeling clays, plaster and water effects, that will help you achieve your vision. We also have the expertise, along with a few tips and tricks, to show you how to use these items to maximum advantage.




    We carry scenic supplies from these and other excellent manufacturers: