• Barbakan Products

    Barbakan is a company run by IPMS Toronto and AMPS Fort York member Robert Włodarek. The products are high quality 1/35 ground work such as brick walls, bases, individual scale bricks and other diorama accessories.

    The bases range from large 220mm x 140mm streets ready for your AFV or WWII vignette, to smaller square cobblestone road fragments perfect for a figure. All the products are ready for paint so you can craft your individual vision.

    Drop by Hornet Hobbies and check out these fine Barbakan products.

  • Books - New For This Month

    Ammo by Mig Jimenez Publications - Encyclopaedia of Armour Vol.5 Final Touches



    Ammo by Mig Jimenez Publications - Encyclopaedia of Armour Vol.5 Final Touches



  • Dioramas and Scenery

    Your perfect model deserves a setting worthy of the many hours and hard work that you have already invested. Create a story or the right landscape to showcase your train or work of art. Bring your vision to reality, whether it is a diorama that brings presence and realism to your armoured vehicle, or a school project involving a small build. Your plans may require building materials, specialized scale vegetation, and buildings to create a realistic backdrop, and Hornet Hobbies has everything you need to finish your project.

    Hornet Hobbies has the scenic products like miniature trees, ground cover, modeling clays, plaster and water effects, that will help you achieve your vision. We also have the expertise, along with a few tips and tricks, to show you how to use these items to maximum advantage.




    We carry scenic supplies from these and other excellent manufacturers: